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Barbara Greenwood is one of the high-profile individuals in her community who has contributed a great deal to serving her community at work as a nurse, as a volunteer and as Regional Councillor (2006-14) in Niagara Falls.
Her Community  work includes: Boys and Girls Cub of Niagara, Past President of the Foundation and presently is Fun Development Director. She was a volunteer of the year for the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. She was awarded the outstanding Foundation Trustee for the year 2008, 2009, into 2010. Champions for children award 2011.
The boys and girls club has a beautiful new building, thanks to the great campaigning of many people. Barbara was the co-chair of the capital campaign. The new building on McLeod Road was opened in 2011. 
LPGA Tournament Chair Security 2004. Misty Award for Hospitality 1998. Chair for the Ontario Scott Tournament of Hearts 1998. In addition, Barbara has been a volunteer with the 126 area Air Cadet Squadron, Niagara Falls, Canadian Red Cross, Kidney Foundation and the Cancer is 90, for over 20 years.
Barber initiated the '12 Women In A Tent' for the years 2001 and 2012.  Through the generosity of the people of Niagara Falls they were able to raise almost $300,000 which was donated to Project Share.
Barbara is past president of the Rotary Club of Niagara Falls 2014-15, celebrating her 10th anniversary this year, and presently on the committee to help organize Trivia Night and Chair for Lobster Fest 2016.
Barbara has several hobbies and when she has time she enjoys doing stained glass. She loves the game of golf and looks forward to the nice weather when she can get out on the course. She and her husband Bill (also Past President of  the Rotary Club of Niagara Falls, 2008-09) together have five children and seven grandchildren. 
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Saturday April 23 , 2016 was Rotary Club of Fort Erie annual Waverly Beach Clean-Up. It was also our Srap Metal collection weekend as well as our Slapshot weekend.  Our president elect along with our secretary Lorne White volunteered for Slapshot at Ancaster.  President Raye Brown , along with Brian Peltier(organizer of clean-up as well as scrap metal collection), John Bartlett, Pauline Petek(both John and Pauline were missing from the picture), Ron Dumbrell, Flo Odding(brought lots of volunteers family friend Tyler, granddaughters Randeana and Melanie including her great granddaughters Meya and Willow!!) and writer Richard Beifuss volunteered for the clean-up.  It was a cool but nice day!  Thanks to everyone for your hard work. Picture left to right - Tyler, Brian. Richard, Ron, Flo, Melanie and Raye.
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One Small Thing

I am Laura Ip, the Resource Development Coordinator at YWCA Niagara Region.

If you’ll indulge me for just a moment, I’d like to open with a bit of my own story, because I hope – when I’m finished speaking today – it will have helped to drive home the point that living in poverty is not about being a certain kind of person. It can happen to anyone. And it can happen at any time.

It can happen to anyone. And it can happen at any time. 

I have a college diploma, four college or professional certificates, and a university degree.

I have lived in poverty. I have used food banks. I have been on welfare. I did not finish high school.

I was living independently of my parents when I was 15 years old. I couch surfed until I was 16, so I could qualify for social assistance and not be put into foster care. I tried to hold down a part-time job and finish school at the same time, though, so that I would have to reply too much on social assistance.

Even at 15, working 20 hours a week at K-Mart – which tells you how long ago this was – and in grade 10, I was judged and criticized for “milking the system.” Given a variety of things that were going on with my family, it was not safe for me to live with one of my parents, and I was struggling with depression and anxiety at the time.

For three years, until I met my now ex-husband, I lived in poverty. I barely made rent some months; I took the bus to work and school – until school became too much to handle and I focused on working; I got my food from Project Share – usually after standing in the grocery store for an hour or more trying to figure out how to make the little bit of money I had stretch for the rest of the month.

I worked at least part-time the entire three years.

More recently, after working several contract jobs – sometimes for up to five employers at a time – and doing freelance work, I was there again. I had enjoyed the contract and freelance arrangement, because it meant I could mostly make my own schedule around the kids; however, the contract work had started to dry up and the freelance work was becoming really tough. It became clear to me that I needed to seek full-time employment.

There were months when I ate noodles and cereal, so the kids could have the fruits and vegetables and proper lunches for school.

There were months when I ate noodles and cereal, so the kids could have the fruits and vegetables and proper lunches for school. There are all the times I told the kids they couldn’t have some simple, inexpensive little thing because Mommy couldn’t afford it. There were all the jobs I was turned down for, because I was overqualified – having gotten that university degree – though none of the employers ever raised it during the interviews.

Things were getting uncomfortably familiar financially, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. As a single mom, I was relatively sure that my ex-husband would help me out if the situation became dire, but I knew it was going to have to become dire before I could even ask for that help.

Fortunately, after more than a year of searching and getting turned down, the job at the YWCA came up.

Fortunately, I landed the job.

And then, I felt mom guilt, because I was often leaving for work before the kids went to school and I wasn’t getting home until after they returned from school. (I had spent the last ten years being home for them at those times.) I was having to ask their dad to take them overnight, so I could attend very early or very late meetings and events.

And it was a woman who was staying at the shelter who – during my second week on the job – said some things to me that I really needed to hear. A woman who was living in an emergency shelter took time out of her day to realize that I was struggling – I still don’t know how she knew – and empathize with me and offer advice; to tell me that I was making the right choices for me and my children.

But let me now get into what I actually prepared to say today.

Delinquent, entitled, loser, worthless, irresponsible, slacker, trash, sponge, incompetent, hoodlum, bad parents, breeding machines, welfare bums, “why don’t they just get better jobs?,” “why don’t they get an education?,” and let’s not forget lazy….

Essential Collective Theatre’s production of POOR hit on these and other stereotypes of people living in poverty.

It’s so easy to judge other people’s lives and choices without having a single clue as to what their story really is.

Marlene. A woman who was staying in our King Street emergency shelter. Marlene uses a wheelchair. She needs it because she lost her left leg (and also the use of her left arm) after suffering a stroke. During a surgery to have her appendix removed. Marlene wasn’t able to return to work. The housing Marlene had wasn’t accessible and she couldn’t find housing she could afford that was accessible. She couldn’t afford the home healthcare assistance she needed. And education? Marlene has three Bachelors of Arts – psychology, criminology, and philosophy.

Marlene ended up homeless due to a series of events that were beyond her control and which no one could have foreseen.

If Marlene’s story doesn’t drive home the point that any of us could end up homeless, I don’t know what would.

YWCA Niagara Region is the only agency that provides both emergency shelter and transitional housing across the entire Niagara region.

YWCA operates two 20-bed emergency shelters for women (one on King Street in St. Catharines and one on Culp Street in Niagara Falls); one 15-bed emergency shelter for men in Niagara Falls, which houses single men and single dads with their children; six emergency family shelter units throughout Niagara for single- or dual-parent families; on-site transitional housing for women – with or without children; and nearly 70 off-site transitional housing units across Niagara – from Fort Erie to Grimsby.

In addition to all of this, YWCA Niagara Region provides a variety of programs.

In Fort Erie, we offer the W.A.R.M. program – Women’s Addiction Recovery Mediation. In St. Catharines, we have the stomt program – Sex Trade on My Terms – where women who are engaged in survival sex work can drop in to warm up, get some food and a hot drink, or just talk. The program provides a safe space for women and is free of judgment and oppression.

Just two weeks ago, we held our 10th annual Power of Being a Girl conference, which we put on for grade 10 girls across Niagara to talk about issues like bullying and body image. We also offer a variety of Skills Development programming throughout Niagara throughout the year, including Anger Solutions, Step Up to Leadership, Brighter Hours in Brighter Days, women’s employment and pre-employment programs, a civic engagement program called Y Act Up, and several programs for elementary and high school girls and boys – to name just a few.

Last year, we served:

  • 1,254 women in emergency shelter;
  • 39 men in emergency shelter;
  • 444 children in emergency shelter;
  • 71 families with 247 children in emergency family shelter;
  • 36 women in on-site transitional housing;
  • 158 women, men, and children in off-site transitional housing;
  • 27 women in supported transitional housing; and
  • served 59,835 meals to the women, men, and children staying in our emergency shelters – on a budget, for those meals, of just $50,000.

At the YWCA, we work toward social change to create a community where people’s basic needs, including safe housing and nutritious food, are met.

There is no textbook case for who finds themselves using our services or the services of any of the other agencies in Niagara. There was Marlene. There was the nurse who lost the use of her legs in a car accident – she’s the one who said those things I needed to hear. There are women and children who have left unsafe home environments. There are refugee families. There are women and men who have turned to substance abuse to cope with other abuses they’ve suffered. There are dual parent families caring for children with disabilities when one parent loses their job.

Not a single story the same as any other story.

Poverty is the condition of a human being who is deprived of the resources, mean, choices, and power necessary to acquire and maintain economic self-sufficiency and participate in society.

Poverty is far more a problem of systems and barriers in those systems than it is of the people who live in poverty.

While it is not only women who live in poverty – one in 11 Canadians live in poverty – make no mistake about it. Poverty is heavily entwined with gender inequality. Poverty is a women’s issue.

One in seven Canadian women live in poverty.

More than 50% of lone parent families headed by women are poor.

The poverty rate for women over 65 is 19.3%, while that for senior men is 9.5%.

Thirty-five percent of single women who are on their own and under 65 live in poverty.

Women aged 35-54 who live with disabilities have an income of $17,000, 55% of what men with disabilities earn.

I could go on.

Women in every demographic – aboriginal women, women of colour, immigrant women, white women, old women, young women, women with disabilities, migrant women – all women are at greater risk of living in poverty than are men in the same demographic groups.

You might wonder – after I’ve said all of this – why YWCA Niagara Region, a feminist organization, operates a men’s shelter and provides other services to men and boys. The answer is quite simple. We believe men and boys are part of the solution. And many of the men and boys we provide services to struggle with the same systemic issues our women and girls do. Access to affordable housing and mental health programs, for instance.

The average stay for a man in our shelter is 70 days, four times longer than the average stay for a woman in our shelter. And that is because of a system that tells men they are weak if they ask for help.

What makes the men’s shelter that we operate unique from other men’s shelters is that – like our women’s shelters – the men have their own rooms. This may not seem like a big deal, but for one of our clients, it was a very big deal. He had been homeless for years and – due to mental health issues – unsuccessful in other shelters. He had taken to sleeping in the park and had been doing so for two years before he came to YWCA’s men’s shelter. He has now secured housing and is receiving aftercare support.

The difference?

He said having his own room allowed him to go to his room, be crazy all by himself, and come out when he was ready to cope with people. He didn’t have to work to hide his mental health issues from anyone – causing more stress and anxiety – because he had his own space.

In Niagara:

  • more than 70% of people living in poverty work full-time hours;
  • more than 5,400 children are living in poverty; and
  • the consequences of poverty – such things as healthcare, crime, lost productivity, and social assistance and programs – cost Niagara $1.38 Billion per year. Per year.

In Niagara, a mom who is working full-time at minimum wage is at risk of losing her housing. If her car breaks down – which, given Niagara’s transit situation, she desperately needs to get to and from work – she’ll have to make some very difficult choices.

There are women who have stayed in our shelters who ended up there for this exact reason.

A mom is working full-time at minimum wage and her car breaks down. She has to choose between paying her rent and fixing her car. She chooses the car.

Do you know why?

Because it means she can still get to and from work and, if she has to, she and the kids can live out of it.

The reality of people who live in poverty is that many of them are very good at hiding their challenges.

The reality of people who live in poverty is that many of them are very good at hiding their challenges. We don’t know that they’re getting their food from Community Care, or that they’re having dinner at Out of the Cold, or that they’re living out of their car or at an emergency shelter, because they continue to show up for work; their kids continue to show up for school; and because they are too scared to tell anyone for fear of judgment and being labeled.

Poverty is an extremely complex issue.

We know that people who live in poverty suffer from more mental and physical health issues. We know that everyone who has come through our shelters has suffered some kind of trauma at some point in their life. We know that people who live in poverty are further challenged by access to transportation and childcare.

Imagine being a single mom without a vehicle and only being able to find shift work. Imagine the transportation and childcare nightmare that would involve.

It is because of issues like these that we engage in advocacy work. We are part of the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network, along with other agencies, businesses, and individuals throughout Niagara.

The Niagara Poverty Reduction Network is working on calculating and advocating for a living wage in Niagara; advocating for and educating people about a Basic Income Guarantee; supporting and helping to promote a regional inter-municipal transit system; and working on issues around affordable housing that is also safe and secure for the people who live in it.

To address and alleviate poverty, we need to address systems and the barriers created by those systems. We push people to find better jobs and to stop relying on having their income supplemented by social assistance and then they find jobs that at least get them off social assistance and we pull or significantly decrease the childcare subsidy they were receiving, leaving them in worse financial shape than where they started. We scrutinize and in several instances make people dispose of savings and assets before they can access social assistance. Get rid of RRSPs or sell cars that are deemed too valuable. Just bought a new car right before you lost your job? Sell it, buy an old beater, and hope it doesn’t break down. We force people into the worst possible financial situation before we deem them to be worthy of help.

OW and ODSP rates are seriously inadequate to the extent that some agencies don’t offer budgeting workshops, because they feel it would be insulting and grossly unfair to tell someone how they should spend the $5 or $10 they might have left at the end of the month.

We need to educate people about the complexity of poverty and help them to understand that the issues are interconnected. Fixing one issue – providing affordable, reliable, efficient transit across Niagara, for instance – will go a long way, but it does not resolve issues around access to childcare (available spaces and flexibility of timing) or the availability of affordable housing, for which there is currently a waiting list of more than 10,000 people. Even if no one else applied starting today, it would take up to 10 years to clear that waiting list.


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Alastair Davis CEO of Niagara Region Habitat for Humanity spoke to the Rotary Club of fort Erie.  Alastair pointed out that for every house Habitat constructs in the Niagara Region the Federal Government through its charitable program permits Habitat to construct five homes in Haiti.  Habitat is a not for profit organization.  It has paid staff which is supported entirely from the revenue it gets from its two "ReStore" stores in Fonthill and St. Catherines.  Habitat looks for donations from individuals and fund raisers.  Habitat is currently fundraising to build two homes in the Crescent Park area of Fort Erie.  Alastair pointed out they received a donation of the property from an elderly lady in Pennsylvania(unfortunately don't know her name).  The market value of the house they are planning on building is $110K pluss the value of the lot and connection charges.  They are looking for volunteer builders and organizations like our club can volunteer to do the work for one day or more.  Volunteers would only do work they have skill in.  As a safety "owners" can advertise homes for sale but Humanity has first right of refusal to purchase but will pay owners what they have actually paid off to that point in time.  Alastair said one of the most difficult task is to select the family.  These are selected from the working "poor-( people who make approx. $35K).  These people are required to assist in the construction of their home.  People are required to pay about 30% of their income towards the house mortgage which Habitat expects to have paid off in 15-20 Years.  These payments are adjusted as the families earnings increase.   People are educated on what it means to have a mortgage, how to manage their finances, how to properly maintain house and property and also important how to be good neighbours.  Although it rarely happens, Alastair points out it is extremely dissapointing when a selected family is not willing to live up to the trust Habitat and the community have placed in them.  Overall he points out his association with Habitat and the communities it supports have been very satisfying!
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Jenn Dockstader Executive Director of the Friendship spoke to the Club today about the Friendship Centre.  Here is a brief history:

When you talk about history one would be doing an injustice of the founding members if we did not try to go back to the very beginning. How the actions, beliefs, dreams and activities of much easier times affected and evolved into what is today.

To trace the history of the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre one has to go back to the depression period and pre World War II when native peoples mainly from Six Nations but also from other First Nations migrated to Buffalo, Niagara Falls, N.Y. and Rochester. Some were seeking employment; others (large numbers) joined the American Armed Services. Some worked in factories in the war effort. This was our home until 1989 when we bought almost 8 acres of property at 796 Buffalo Road.

Through a comprehensive feasibility study our building project evolved and was divided into five phases. At present time we have completed three of the five phases. We have received capital for a Native Day Care Centre, which was completed in April 1995.

Presently we have staff (runners) working on securing capital funding for phase IV. Presently we have between 25 and 30 full time staff members and programs covering the seven stages of life.

From the Friendship Centre other urban native organizations evolved. They are Ganawageh Urban Homes, Niagara Chapter of Native Women, Elders of Ontario, Wakanoiten Child Care Services and Aboriginal Family Circle. Soon a recognizable Native population base was established. Unfortunately, in those days the common Native place to get together was usually the local neighbourhood tavern or sometimes the hockey and lacrosse arenas. By mid 1950's the Buffalo Native Social Club was founded. It's activities included bowling league, social dances, fundraising for student financial assistance, sponsors of minor lacrosse, euchre clubs and other activities of that nature.

As time passed particularly in the late 60's and throughout the 70's there was a strange phenomenon occurring, which was a Reverse Migration. Native peoples of the large noisy, siren filled cities were moving to the smaller quieter, more country like, slower paced, easy to access town of Fort Erie. The major catalyst was the Off-reserve Housing Program. This allowed Native people to buy their own homes.

During the mid and late 70's some of the Native people who migrated to Fort Erie from Buffalo, who were members of the Buffalo Social Club formed the Fort Erie Native Social Club. Their activities were very much the same as Buffalo. In fact, in most cases they were still members of both clubs. Although many of the activities of the Social Club were similar to those of a Friendship Centre, the concept, mandate and terms of the Friendship Centre movement was not known until the mid 1970's. At this time there began interaction and activities with the St. Catherine?s Friendship Centre. Delegates from Fort Erie went to find more about a Friendship Centre in St. Catherine?s. The results were that shortly thereafter a new concept evolved and in 1978 funding was provided for the first satellite centre in Canada.

In theory it was an extended arm of a fully funded Friendship Centre set up in a neighbouring Native urban community. The first home of the satellite was in a low-income apartment with little or no heat on Jarvis street. After stories of cold feet, cold noses, etc. the Fort Erie satellite moved to a cubbyhole in the basement of the St.Pauls Parrish Hall at 303 Niagara Blvd.

Another new concept was evolving in the urban community society. This was electronic BINGO. The Fort Erie satellite was the first organization to introduce the Electronic Bingo in Fort Erie. The main purpose was to set up a Property/Building Acquisition Fund.

In 1982, the Native community started procedures to become incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization. This was achieved in February 1983 and in April 1983 we received core funding becoming the first satellite Friendship Centre in Canada to become a fully funded Friendship Centre. In 1984 we were able to acquisition the St. Paul?s Parish Hall and to our knowledge became the first Native Friendship Centre to acquire Native community urban property without government or any other capital assistance.
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Rotary Club of Fort Erie met to celebrate two events.  Presentation from Vocational Training Team and presentation of $5000.00 cheque to Principal Fred Louws Fort Erie Seconday School toward his efforts at fundraising for the new Greater Fort Erie High Schools "Theater for the Arts".
Lezlie Murch(Team Leader) of the 2015 Vocational Training Team, along with Darren Luong, Jean Montgomery, Michael Hogg and Laura Chatterton spoke to us about their experiences.  The The 2015 VTT District 7090 to 7020 supports literacy through sport by educating coaches , volunteers, and teachers.  They introduce children to playing sports , which promotes active living, making healthy choices , reducing childhood obesity and gender disparity.  Through education in sport children learn about achievable goals , develop values of commitment , discipline, fair play and sportsmanship. 
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Rotary club members Pauline Petek, Florence Odding, Perry Heidelberger, John Maurice, Nancy Dumbrell(on behalf of Ron) were present for the initial unveiling of the Sportsplex Children's Library. 
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Annual meeting of District Governor Kevin Crosby was convened by President Raye Brown.  President Raye introduced our new Assistant Governor Tia Taylor.  This was Tia's first opportunity to introduce DG Kevin to an Area 7 Club.  This Year the honour fell to Fort Erie.  DG Kevin gave an inspirational speach reminding us that the Rotary Hirarchy starts with in order of importance Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, Rotary District, Rotary Area? and finally RI.
DG Kevin reminded us that this Years Rotary Theme is to be a gift to the World.  Meaning that each Rotarian through his.her selfless donation of their time to their community and the World at large symbolizes this "gift".  Our Treasurer John Bartlett on behalf of the club presented DG Kevin with a cheque of $750 to RI for polio plus.  DG Kevin presented John Bartlett with his Paul Harris pin.  Ron Dumbrell our Club Service Director presented  DG Kevin Crosby with a certificate of thanks acknowledging his dedication by donating to RI for ten inoculations against polio.  They spoke at some length about Ron's initiative to replace our pennant flags with pins.  Last Year RFE adopted the pins and Ron advised he took them to Florida last Winter.  He attended some clubs in Panama City Beach and presented our new pins.  All the clubs that saw the pins have now adopted Ron's initiative and are handing out pins rather than penants  when visiting other clubs.  Great idea Ron!  DG Kevin said he would promote the idea on his club visits.  President Raye closed the meeting and asked the "board" to meet with DG Kevin so that the Directors could present DG Kevin with their hopes and plans for the new Year.
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Lorne introduced Leslie who was an Ambassadorial Scholar and choose South Africa Capetown University for her study program.
Leslie is very much involved with service to her adopted community and spoke eloquently about the treatment needs of HIV , a disease that is still rampant, in South Africa.  She also showed us the economic disparity between the priveleged(descendents usually of former colonials) and the African majority.  Leslie will be going to South Africa at the end of our Summer to enjoy Spring in her adoptive homeland.  We thanked her for taking the time to speak to us and wished her all the best in her community endeavours in south Africa.  Lorne presented Leslie with a certificate of thanks acknowledging her work by paying Rotary International to give 10 children an innoculation against polio.
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Rotary Club of Fort Erie members Flo Odding, Brian Peltier, John Maurice and Richard Beifuss took a bow along with the Horticultural Society for their work in beautifying Waverly Beach with Communities in Bloom officials and Town employees.  The committee acknowledged the ongoing support of the club to make such a commitment to keep the beach such an inviting site. 
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President Raye welcomed Scott Robinson on his inaugral 2015/16 meeting at the new Fort Erie Golf Club Clubhouse!  An auspicious beginning to a new presidential Year!
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RCMP Sunset Ceremonies
The Ceremonies are held at the Musical Ride Centre  1 Sandriridge Road, RCMP Rockcliffe Stables in Ottawa.
The Sunset Ceremonies are a time honoured tradition in Ottawa, featuring the world-famous RCMP Musical Ride and the signature Sunset Ceremony.  This Years theme was the 50th anniversary of Canada's National Flag and honouring our nation's heroes.
New for 2015 was the "Sunset Pre- Show ", featuring up and coming young Canadian recording artists, from 6:00PM to 6:30PM.  This Years' Ceremonies were held from June 24 to June 28.  Admission and parking are free but the RCMP solicits donations for Canadian youth initiatives in communities across Canada.  This Year the Musical Ride will go to Saskatchewan, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.  The "Ride"  will go to different communities across Canada to support local initiatives but waiting list is fairly long and requires formal application.
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Induction Ceremony 2015/16 Rotary Club of Fort Erie


Assistant Governor to Outgoing Officers and Directors: Though you are retiring from the administration of our club, your continued active involvement in the club is extremely important. Thank you for serving, President Flo, PE Raye, Secretary White, Treasurer Bartlett, Past President Heidelberger, Director Community Service Petek, Director Vocational Service Peltier, Director Club Service Dumbrell and Director Youth Service Heidelberger

Some of you are continuing  to serve the club which is very much appreciated.


Presentation of Past President Pin to Flo. 

New president installed

Assistant Governor to Incoming President: Raye, you have been elected to the office of president of the Rotary Club of Fort Erie by its members. It is an expression of their confidence in your leadership. I now have the pleasure of presenting this presidential pin as emblematic of your office.


President Raye please present your officers.


To the Incoming Officers and Directors: You have been elected to the important positions in the administration of the Rotary Club of Fort Erie. This is an indication of our esteem and confidence in all of you . We also believe you will uphold the high traditions of our club, that you will give the best of your executive ability to the furtherance of the interest of our club and the carrying forward of the Object of Rotary.

Will you fulfill the responsibilities of your offices to the best of your ability and in accordance with the constitutional documents of this club?


Answer: I will.


Oath for the President: I,Raye Brown, as president of the Rotary Club of Fort Erie will, to the best of my ability, administer the duties of the office of president in a business-like manner and in accordance with the club's constitution and bylaws.

Oath for the Officers and Directors: I, (name of officers), do accept and understand the charges of the office to which I am elected and will work with diligence for the betterment of the club.




Assistant Governor: I hereby declare the new officers and directors installed and give President Raye the gavel as symbolic of the transfer of the club's administration.



The Induction Ceremony was carried out in the old Clubhouse of the Fort Erie Golf Course on June 24.  AG Richard Beifuss presided in what is his last official act as Assistant Governor.  Pauline Petek our hostess and club officer went all out decorating the meeting room for this happy venue including a very special breakfast and a transitional celebration cake!  Sadly this venerable building will make way for the new Greater Fort Erie High School.   Our next meeting with President Raye presiding will be held at 150 Sunrise on July 8 where we will welcome Scott Robinson to speak about his cayak fundraiser!  July 1 Canada Day is canceled. 

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The Rotary Club of Fort Erie spearheaded the clean-up of Historic Waverly (Erie) Beach, Buffalo's "Atlantic City" of the early 1900s. We were supported in this initiative by Town Council, Mayor, Parks Maintenance, Concerned citizens from Waverly Beach area, Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Welland and Niagara Falls.

However, without the support of Jack Duerr with his tractor and Jim Flake's donation of his 20-ton "bin", our task would have been onerous indeed.

Waverly Beach and its park are again a destination for family picnics, strollers and of course children playing in the warm sand and beach!

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Rotary Club of Fort Erie celebrated its first LobsterFest!  One of many to come.  Special cudoes to Pauline for initiating the event and working tirelessly to bring it to a successful conclusion.  Also special mention to Rick Conklin for his dedication and organizational skill!  Of course the event would not have been such a huge success without the tireless volunteers and the support of the community in supporting this inaugral event!
Rotary Club of Fort Erie LobterFest Richard Beifuss 2015-05-23 04:00:00Z 0
Jennifer Patrick CEO of the Head Injury Association of Greater Fort Erie and Port Colborne advised that her organization advocates on behalf of individuals who have acquired brain injury and their families, promotes prevention and public awareness of the needs of this unique population. Programs include information and resources, life skills training, prevention, social and recreational activities, integration and support for individuals with ABI (acquired brain injury) living in the community, group counselling for caregivers, survivors and peer support.
Jennifer advised that to be able to service the needs of this group of people her office needs about $130K but currently manages with about $100K with the dedicated support of her staff and volunteers.  Financial support coming from the province Trillium Fund and whatever fundraising events and donations Head Injury Association receives from private individuals and organizations.  She advised a major problem some of her clients are experiencing is the reluctance of the insurance companies to honour their commitments.  A lot of cases being refused due to "pre-existing" conditions or other reasons.  Had a case in Florida last Spring where the health care insurance compny refused to pay for the treatment of a cancer patient due to pre-existing conditions.  The pre-existing condition was that the young woman had pimples/acne when she was a teenager!
Jennifer advised her association was planning on a two day fundraiser in June of 2016 which would include a bike marathon.  She invited the Rotary Club of Fort Erie to participate.
Head Injury Association of Greater Fort Erie and Port Colborne Richard Beifuss 2015-03-11 00:00:00Z 0
Theme for 2015-6 Richard Beifuss 2015-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Major Alan Woolley(retired) Richard BEIFUSS 2015-01-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Oct 07, 2014

Spent a very enjoyable visit with the Rotary Club of Sitges.  Club meets in a wine cellar below the La Masea? Restaurant in Sitges Spain on Monday at 9:30PM.  Luckily for me some members speak English and French.  Unfortunately, the rest of the membership spoke only in Catalan a local dialect which is closer to French.  We shared our fund raising experience and they opined that they are having similar difficulties and that Rotary is relatively unknown in the local community.  Also like us theirs is a very small club with few young members.Image

Rotary Visit to Spain and Germany Richard BEIFUSS 2014-10-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Sep 08, 2014

The Visioning Study was led by Anne Bermingham (professional facilitator) Rotary Hamilton, Ralph Monsanto PDG Dundas Valley Sunrise,  Karen Oakes PDG 2010-11 Rotary Club of Delhi.  The club wishes to thank Matthew Kentros , our newest Rotarian, for the donation of the boardroom at the Barrel Restaurant.Image

Visioning Study/Exercise Richard BEIFUSS 2014-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Sep 02, 2014

DG Jack Amico inducting new Rotarian Matthew Kentros.  Who says Rotarians don't have fun?  DG Jack quoted the following as a reminder to all of their own potential abilities: "We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they,and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part,or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size."
Attributed to Bernard of Chartres, the twelfth-century French philosopher,
scholar and administrator.Image

DG Visit Septemder 3rd, 2014 Richard BEIFUSS 2014-09-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Aug 12, 2014

Ben came to our club on August 13 to speak about his experiences at the RYLA meeting at the FREDONIA campus.Image

RYLA presentation By Ben Auld Richard BEIFUSS 2014-08-13 00:00:00Z 0
Presentation by Gatekeepers Niagara Richard BEIFUSS 2014-07-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Jul 10, 2014

Ron and Nancy Dumbrell offered their home and hospitality to host our club changeover.  Thank you both for your welcome and all your hard work!  Honourable mention to our chief(and only) barbecuer Rick Conklin.  Thank you President Flo for the tent which made an absolutely beautiful sunny day comfortable. Picture left to right:  Immediate Past President Perry Heidelberger, Past President(in back) Ron Dumbrell, President Flo Odding, Assistant Governor Richard Beifuss and President Elect Raye BrownImage

Rotary Club of Fort Erie Changeover 2014/2015 Richard BEIFUSS 2014-07-11 00:00:00Z 0
What is a Rotarian? - Message from outgoing President Ron Burton and incoming President Gary C.K. Huang Richard BEIFUSS 2014-07-09 00:00:00Z 0
District 7090 Changeover Meeting June 29 Buffalo Jacht Club Richard BEIFUSS 2014-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on May 31, 2014
You can now call metropolitan daily newspaper the Vancouver Sun yet another major business supporter of the Write to Read project. On September 13th the Sun published a 1,500-word article on the Sun’s OpEd pages about W2R.  For those without access to the Sun’s online content, I’ve enclosed the full article below. (To read the online version in The Sun, log on to the link shown at the bottom of the page.)
Write to read - Public is Idle No More Richard BEIFUSS 2014-05-31 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on May 06, 2014

Rotary Presentation

On Wednesday, May 7, Kevin Crouse, the Governor of Rotary District 7090, was on hand to present Head, Heart & Hands awards to the members of the Rotary Club of Fort Erie. Numerous members received awards that day and The Fort Erie Rotary Club was the only club in District 7090 to have 100% participation.



Awards Ceremony Richard BEIFUSS 2014-05-07 00:00:00Z 0
The Resurrection of "The Felloe" by Jerry Springer Richard BEIFUSS 2014-04-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Apr 02, 2014

Rather than dumping treated water into the ocean or rivers Palm Beach County has come up with a unique way of recycling.  The county has developed wildlife sanctuaries adjacent to its treatment plants.  The objective is not only to avoid water dumping but to recycle in a way that mimics nature as well as restoring the aquifersImage.  The county has created a number of marsh like environments that invite marsh birds and has planted a series of water purifying plants. These act as natural water filters  You would expect mosquitos but the county has put in a type of fish that eats the mosquito larvae.  The entire area is traversed by boardwalks that stretch more than a mile.  These wildlife centres are great tourist attractions and the day we were there had to wait for 1/2 hour before we could park.  Lots of professional photographers were there to take in nesting waterfowl , their young or nestlings and of course alligators.

Delray Beach / Palm Beach County Water Recycling Richard BEIFUSS 2014-04-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Feb 13, 2014

Peter our Charter Member has submitted his request to be excused from regular attendance at our weekly meetings.  As per the attached Peter cites health reasons.  The Club wishes to express our heartfelt thanks for Peter's many Years of dedicated "Service" to Rotary in general as District Rep and our club in particular as board member and president.  The dedication of your bench on Waverly Beach is a small token!  We will miss the twinkle in your eye as you regaled us with the history of our club and your youthful escapades.  Hitch hiking on a train boxcar as a teen from the your home in Saskatchewan to the distant east of Ontario must have given your family a few sleepless nights!

The End of an Era Richard BEIFUSS 2014-02-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Dec 10, 2013

Thank you to Ron and Nancy Dumbrell for hosting our Christmas party at "Nancy's house" as Ron says.  All the hard work of our hosts Ron and Nancy is truly appreciated.  Regrettably took no pictures of the fabulous food or illustrious guests.  Was going to bring a turkey but they would not cooperate.Image

Rotary Christmas Party Richard BEIFUSS 2013-12-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Dec 10, 2013

On Behalf of Rotary Club of Fort Erie in particular and Rotary Mega Auction in general presented a Certificate of Appreciation and Cheque for $400. for culinary students on December 11, 2013 to Mr. Afshin Keyvani B.Ed., M.A.Hospitality & Culinary Teacher(second from left).  Vice Principal Mr. Crane Gittins(far left) expressed their appreciation for Rotary's recognition of FESS' community service.  Also present was John Maurice(absent from picture  because he was behind the camera) a member of the food committee at the Mega Auction.


Rotary TV Mega auction Richard BEIFUSS 2013-12-11 00:00:00Z 0
Ashley Carter our RYLA Candidate Richard BEIFUSS 2013-12-11 00:00:00Z 0
Celebration! Induction of Two New Members and Award of Two Paul Harris Fellow Awards! October 16/2013 Richard BEIFUSS 2013-10-16 00:00:00Z 0
Greatest Inspirational Speaches - As I Began To Love Myself Richard BEIFUSS 2013-10-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Oct 08, 2013

Garry Skerrett (Founder) and Betty Van Osh (President) of the Shorewalkers spoke to the Club about the efforts of the organization to ensure every Ontarian has the right to enjoy the shoreline of our waterways.Image

Shorewalkers Richard BEIFUSS 2013-10-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Aug 20, 2013

Lisa Mueller and Peter Kleckowski spoke to us about their "voyage" from Long Island New York to San Diego California.  They initiated the trip to determine through discussions with various Rotary Clubs along the way why there is no more determined push to implement "green" energy.

Peter as a young Rotarian opined that for the younger generation "green" energy is the way to go but sees very little support for this seemingly no brainer.  Various people in our club pointed out that their experience in trying to go green has met with little regulatory support in fact just about the opposite.  Lisa made note of this feedback and will compare and advise us of their findings as they travel across the continent.  Rotary Fort Erie will join them on their adventure"symbolically".Image

Alternative Energy Richard BEIFUSS 2013-08-20 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Jul 02, 2013

Our Changeover Meeting at the Bridgewater Golf and Country Club was a great success and well attended.  PDG Karen Oakes awarded Paul Harris Fellow to our founding member Peter Waytena and past President Ron Dumbrell.  DG Kevin Crouse helped us with the changeover from Ron Dumbrell president 2012-13 to Perry Heidelberger our president 2013-14.  Also attending were our guests from Germany Heinz and Friedhilde Beifuss.  Dr. Don Cyr incoming Dean of Goodman School of Business at Brock University our keynote speaker brought the evening to a successful conclusion.Image

Changeover Meeting 2013 Richard BEIFUSS 2013-07-03 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary's Guiding Principles Richard BEIFUSS 2013-06-25 00:00:00Z 0
Challenge and Opportunity for Incoming Presidents and DGs Richard BEIFUSS 2013-06-05 00:00:00Z 0
The Promise of Spring and New Beginnings Richard BEIFUSS 2013-05-22 00:00:00Z 0
Mega Auction Thank You to FESS for Three Years of Support Richard BEIFUSS 2013-05-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Feb 13, 2013


Why join Rotary?

Maybe you’ve seen a need in your own community and wondered how you could help. Maybe you want to use your professional skills to help others — or even learn new skills. Maybe you’re seeking connections with other service-minded professionals in your community or abroad.

Whatever your reason, joining Rotary can help you achieve these goals, and so much more. See why these men and women are members of their local Rotary club. Then learn how you can get involved.

Benefits of Joining Rotary Richard BEIFUSS 2013-02-14 00:00:00Z 0
Improving Perfection - Some Addressable challenges - Speaker Madiha Khan Richard BEIFUSS 2013-02-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by J. Lorne WHITE on Dec 04, 2012

On Wed. 2012-Nov-21, District Governor Rick STERNE (for the ~70 clubs in District 7090), visited Rotary Fort Erie to explain the latest programmes of Rotary International and update us on The Rotary Foundation's 1985 goal to eradicate Polio on earth. We're "this close" to completing the job, with less than 100 cases reported last year in only 3 countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

While Rick was with us, he had the privilege of inducting our newest Rotarian, Pauline PETEK, co-owner of Fort Erie Golf Club. Pauline was a former Rotarian from Toronto-Don Valley where held varous roles, including President. At that time, she owned a general insurance brokerage, which she sold before she and her husband Joe moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

We are pleased to welcome Pauline who has already demonstrated Service Above Self, by helping us provide food for the volunteers running the Mega Cogeco TV Auction at the Pen Centre on Nov. 29th & 30th. Twill be fun to see in which of the 5 Avenues of Service she decides to serve:

Club, Community, International, New Generations, Vocational

District Governor inducts newest member Pauline PETEK. J. Lorne WHITE 2012-12-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by J. Lorne WHITE on Nov 20, 2012

On Wed. 2012-Nov-21, District Governor Rick STERNE (for the ~70 clubs in District 7090), visited Rotary Fort Erie to explain the latest programmes of Rotary International and update us on The Rotary Foundation's 1985 goal to eradicate Polio on earth. We're "this close" to completing the job, with less than 100 cases reported last year in only 3 countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

While Rick was with us, he had the privilege of inducting our newest Rotarian, Pauline PETEK, co-owner of Fort Erie Golf Club. Pauline was a former Rotarian from Toronto-Don Valley where held varous roles, including President. At that time, she owned a general insurance brokerage, which she sold before she and her husband Joe moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

We are pleased to welcome Pauline who has already demonstrated Service Above Self, by helping us provide food for the volunteers running the Mega Cogeco TV Auction at the Pen Centre on Nov. 29th & 30th. Twill be fun to see in which of the 5 Avenues of Service she decides to serve:

        Club, Community, International, New Generations, or Vocational

District Governor inducts newest member Pauline PETEK J. Lorne WHITE 2012-11-21 00:00:00Z 0
Fellowship Meeting at the Fort Erie Racetrack September 23rd, 2012 Richard BEIFUSS 2012-09-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Aug 13, 2012
The National Judges of Communities in Bloom Jim Baird from New Brunswick and Evelyn Alemanni from San Diego were invited by our Town Official Signe Hansen.  Left to right Jim Baird, Richard Beifuss, Ron Dumbrell, Evelyn Alemanni and Miriam Beifuss and our dog Kelly.Image
International Judges of Communities in Bloom visit Waverly Beach Richard BEIFUSS 2012-08-14 00:00:00Z 0
Friendship Festival 2012/Hands Across The Border Richard BEIFUSS 2012-07-12 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Roses June 16,2012 Richard BEIFUSS 2012-06-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on May 21, 2012
ImageOur presenters and partners

With the able organization of Raye Brown RFE Fort Erie hosted the Rotary Initiative to encourage employers to look to the handicapped as a valuable resource.  We wish to acknowledge and thank our partners Communtity Living and the Head Injury Association of fort Erie.  
Rotary At Work-Building a New Work Force Tuesday May 22, 2012 Richard BEIFUSS 2012-05-22 00:00:00Z 0
The Lion and the Eagle and the Burning of Buffalo Richard BEIFUSS 2011-12-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Dec 12, 2011
 We are extremely pleased to announce that Rev. Raye Brown of St.Andrews-Knox Presyterian Church, and Craig Shufelt, Town Head Librarian joined the Rotary Club of Fort Erie.  
Dec. 13, 2011 we induct two new members! Richard BEIFUSS 2011-12-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Dec 10, 2011
 Director of Club Service Ron Dumbrell and his spouse Nancy opened their home to host a brunch for the Rotary Club.
Rotary Christmas Brunch Dec 11, 2011 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-12-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Dec 05, 2011
 It was our pleasure to dedicate the Waverly Park bench in Peter's honour and also to thank Mary for her support of Peter since 1953, and for her own work as a Rotary Ann. 
Peter's Bench at Waverly Beach 2011-Dec-06 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-12-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Dec 05, 2011

District Governor John Heise and ADG Vic Kerschl visit Rotary Club of Fort Erie on Dec. 6, 2011.

(John's talk was so inspiring that 2 new members were inducted the next week!)

District Governor visits Club Dec. 6, 2011 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-12-06 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary TV Mega Auction Nov. 24, 25 & 26, 2011 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-11-24 00:00:00Z 0
Waverly Beach Clean-Up November 19, 2011 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z 0
Fort Erie Christmas Parade Nov. 12, 2011 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-11-12 00:00:00Z 0
Tri Club Meeting Wednesday October 26, 2011 Fort Niagara Richard BEIFUSS 2011-11-01 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Verse Richard BEIFUSS 2011-10-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Aug 19, 2011


Margaret Cowan, past president of the Rotary Club of Fort Erie  passed away August 15, 2011. 


Grieve not for me, nor mourn the while, for happier would be to see you smile.

Let no tears fall since I have passed away, but miss and remember me each day.

Live your lives as I would want you to, and treat thy fellowman as I would do.  

And when the time has come, your lives be through, I shall be waiting here for you.

In Memory of Margaret Cowan Richard BEIFUSS 2011-08-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Jul 05, 2011
Friendship Festival 2011 which ran from June 30 to July 3 inclusive enjoyed fabulous weather and good attendance. 
Friendship Festival 2011 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-07-06 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Roses delivery Sat. 2011-Jun-18 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-05-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on May 04, 2011
The Rotary Club assumed the Clean-Up of the Friendship Trail, Beach and Park by signing  the Adopt a Park program with the Town of Fort Erie in March of 2011 for a period of two Years.
Waverly Beach Spring Cleanup 2011-May-07 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-05-04 04:00:00Z 0
First Board Meeting of 2011 Richard BEIFUSS 2011-01-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Sep 15, 2010

Rotary District 7090

The Group Study Exchange is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for young business and professional men and women between 25-40 years. Flights, meals, accommodations provided by Rotary International, Rotary Clubs and host families.

Group Study Exchange OUTBOUND


      MARCH 26 - APRIL 26, 2011

Team MEMBER Application Deadline:     Friday, OCT. 22, 2010 to Rotary Fort Erie

TEAM MEMBER INTERVIEWS:             Saturday, Nov.6, 2010



CANADA -    Rotary Fort Erie Pres. Richard BEIFUSS


                      905- 994-7319

Applications at: 




Group Study Exchange 2011-Spring to South Korea - Team Members wanted !!! Richard BEIFUSS 2010-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Jul 18, 2010
The Rotary Club of Fort Erie along with Buffalo Sunrise and Buffalo Rotoract participated in the Friendship Festival's Hands across the border ceremony on July the 4th at 7PM.
Friendship Festival 2010 Richard BEIFUSS 2010-07-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS on Jul 03, 2010

Friendship Festival 2010:

It has been more than 20 Years since Fort Erie and Buffalo celebrated their mutual Friendship /Festival starting on July the 1st with Canada Day and culminating for Fort Erie with the handshake across the Border at 7PM on July the 4th under the Flags on the Peace Bridge.

The Rotary Club of Fort Erie voted to volunteer and assist Flo Odding the Director of the Festival, her staff and volunteers with this iconic Community Festival in the spirit of RI President Ray Klinginsmith's motto of "Building Communities".

This Year the "Handshake" with our American Rotary Friends notably Stan Simmons, President Rotary Buffalo Sunrise (right back), Sabrina Smith (in front of Stan), President Rotoract Club of Buffalo, and colleagues was a real success. The ceremony culminated in a rousing and enthusiastic rendition of our two National Anthems led by Bruce Kruger of Muskoka (in red town crier uniform - a fellow Rotarian) with a commitment from everyone to make next Year "Bigger, Better and Bolder".

Picture (of small group from total participants) Front Row:   DG Karen Oakes, MPP Kim Craitor, Tony Vandermaas, Second Row:   Richard Beifuss (Pres. Rotary Fort Erie), Derek Miller, Town Crier Port Colborne (behind Tony my apologies!) and Daniel Ludwig (Rotaract Buffalo) Third Row:   John Maurice (Rotary Fort Erie), Diana Foresi, Sabrina Smith (Pres. Rotaract Buffalo), Bruce Kruger, Town Crier Muskoka. Last Row:   Angela Hintz (Rotary Buffalo Sunrise), Fort Erie Mayor Doug Martin, Stan Simmons (President Rotary Buffalo Sunrise).

Friendship Festival 2010 Richard BEIFUSS 2010-07-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS


Wishes Richard BEIFUSS 0
TriClub Day at Point Abino Lighthouse Flo ODDING 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS
Garry Skarrett (Founder) and Betty Van Osh (president) of the Shorewalkers addressed the Rotary Club of Fort Erie at our regular Wdnesday meeting at the Fort Erie golf Club on Garrison Street.
Shorewalkers Richard BEIFUSS 0
Posted by Richard BEIFUSS

Dear Roger

Thank you for taking the time to explain the work undertaken by your school(s).  On behalf of the Rotary Club of Fort Erie and personally would like to congratulate you and the student body at the Niagara Christian Community of Schools for taking on this very commendable initiative. Would very much welcome your ongoing support particularly of Waverly Beach as that is one of our ongoing community initiatives. As with you, Matt Woehl and the Town's staff have been most helpful with this task.

Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Fort Erie(RFE) in particular share your commitment to the Earth and its people.

Will ask Dr. Ron Gray a member of your Board and longtime member of the Rotary Club of Fort Erie to speak to this at tomorrow's club meeting.  

Hope you don't mind have forwarded your memo to our MP Rob Nicholson, MPP Kim Craitor, Mayor Doug Martin and Kris Dube the editor of the Fort Erie Times.

Would like to take this opportunity to invite you, your staff, and students to join us with the Friendship Festival's iconic "Handshake Across the Border" on Friday June 29, 2012 and support our RFE member and Director of the Festival Flo Odding to make this community festival an ongoing success.


Dr. Richard Beifuss

President Rotary Club of Fort Erie

Assistant District Governor Area 7 (2012/13), District 7090, Rotary International

Earth Day April 2012 Waverly Beach Richard BEIFUSS 0
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Don't forget the eBulletin! Richard BEIFUSS 0